Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Why Islam is a greater threat than secularism...

I have received a comment on my post from Saturday about Islam from someone signing themselves as "The Big Burly Bear" and claiming to be a Christian who does not favour Islam. 

I strongly doubt that claim is true, and regardless, I have no intention of giving space to Islamic propaganda on this blog.

Because in fact the whole comment is a classic example of the attempt by pro-Islam lobbyists to soft sell that religion and turn the facts on their head.

Take this quote, part of an argument urging me to back off my critique: "Moreover, the persecution that Muslims are facing in Australia (yes, for their faith) is putting pressure on Christian communities in Muslim countries."

Excuse me.  Just what 'persecution' exactly do Muslims in Australia face? 

Do they have their hand cut off for alleged blasphemy as a Catholic Professor in India did recently, only to then be sacked from his job? 

Do they have their villages burnt down as Christians in Pakistan and other Islamic countries have? 

Are their daughters attacked and regarded as fair game for rape because of their religion 

Of course not.

And even if Muslims were persecuted in a Western country, how would that justify persecuting in turn?

The notion, so heavily promoted of late even by the US President, in the context of the proposed burning of the Koran, that Christians should refrain from criticism or other actions that offend Muslims lest they retaliate against our troops or Christians in vulnerable lands should be abhorrent to all. 

Cooler heads should know that giving in to blackmail only makes things worse in the long run.

For this reason, many countries, including Australia, have long adopted the policy of never negotiating with terrorists.  We need to uphold this principle.

So please "Big Burly Bear" and friends, give it up.