Thursday, 9 September 2010

Mr Robertson wants us to bring back the stake?!

Meanwhile a visitor from the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death, viz, Britain, Mr Geoffrey Robertson, is wondering around Australia muttering darkly about the horrors of Canon Law and that clearly rogue State, the Vatican.

Not, I hasten to add because Canon Law is too tough.  But because it is too wimpy in its punishments.

Now there is of course a simple solution to this criticism: bring back the stake.

And I'm beginning to see the virtues of the occasional book burning, at least when it comes to the works of Christian heretics, as well (oh and by the way, the picture is not from fundamentalists in Florida, but of a bookburning conducted by the Taliban in Pakistan).

Upcoming papal visit

I haven't been commenting on the horrors happening in the lead up to the Pope's visit to the UK that starts on September 16. 

It is all more than adequately chronicled in the various excellent British blogs such as Fr Finigan's Hermeneutic of Continuity, Mulier Fortis, Fr Blake's St Mary Magdalen, and Damien Thompson. 

All I can say is that the Australia's Department of Foreign Affairs looks the very model of competence and neutrality compared to their British equivalents; the British media make the ABC and Fairfax look good; the British bishops make ours seem positive champions for orthodoxy and orthopraxis; and the Brits should have hired Bishop Fisher to do their organising for them.

The whole thing is shaping up to be an absolute media disaster, and we should be praying extra hard for the Pope.

It is unfortunate then that one of the chief lobbyists for the anti-Catholic league that has sprung up is one of our exports, in the form of Mr Robertson.

Robertson on Canon Law

Media reports today quote Mr Robertson in a new book as demanding the Pope repeal Canon Law.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, part of the problem in Mr Robertson's view, is that Canon Law provides for ''no punishment worthy of that name''.  ''The worst that can happen, other than an order to do penance, is 'laicisation'; that is, defrocking, which permits the paedophile to leave the church..."

Yep, no help for it, let's work to insist that Church law override that of the State, and make its punishments real ones....


Anonymous said...

More than once lately I've asked myself whether burning at the stake was really all that bad!

Anonymous said...

Let's start by relaxing Robertson to the secular arm.

+ Wolsey