Friday, 3 September 2010

Meanwhile back in NSW

All the focus in the last few weeks has been at the Federal level.

But at the State level, things are much worse.

Yesterday, the NSW Lower House passed same sex adoption legislation.  It was supported by the leaders of both the Liberal and Labor parties in a conscience vote.  There is still a chance it will fall in the Upper House I guess, but not a high one.

And in the same State, evangelical christian campaigner Rev Fred Nile MLC is embroiled in reveleations that he and his Office managed more than 200,000 hits on porn sites allegedly 'for research purposes'.

Last week Tasmania passed legislation recognising same sex unions registered elsewhere.

There are two State elections coming up - NSW and Victoria.  Let's hope there are some good candidates preparing to stand up and be counted.


Tristan said...

Victoria and NSW, actually. Qld had one last year.

Terra said...

Quite right Tristan, writing too fast! Will fix...