Saturday, 4 September 2010

The good news and the bad....

A little news-roundup of the weekends gems and clods of dung....

The depressing first...
  • Muslims took over the streets of Paris for Friday prayers yesterday, blocking streets with barricades - police afraid to intervene.  And it has received almost no coverage on the main Australian online news sites...;
  • And for a little homegrown Islam, read about the Australian 'cleric' calling for a Dutch MP to be beheaded...;
  • For an understanding of why child abuse is so prevalent in our society, including in the Catholic Church, go read the creepy meanderings of an ageing ex-priest about the attractiveness of 11 year old girls - well actually don't, it's the Acatholics at it again;
  • An anti-catholic diatribe arguing against the canonisation of Blessed Mary McKillop courtesy of the Sydney Morning Herald;
  • Another prominent atheist 'comes out' in the form of Stephen Hawking.  His last book was pretty impenetrable to the layperson (despite the trendiness associated with owning a copy); I imagine the new one is too.  Why does anyone put any stock in the views of scientists on issues that aren't actually in the realm of science?  Read this response to Hawking.
  • Our neighbour New Zealand has suffered both a very damaging earthquake and a plane crash on the same day;
  • more campaign dirty tricks in play, with claims of coordinated Liberal-National harassment of the three Independent MPs;
  • Learn (oh the shock of it) that  competence in Government is a myth, and the Howard Government didn't really do better than Labor....
And then cheer yourself up and take action....
  • Ponder the fact that the ongoing government-free zone could be worse - Belgium still doesn't have one six months after there last election; nor does Nauru despite going back to the polls to try again...;
  • Enjoy the biting satire of the latest chapter of St Paul's letter to the electorates  - short sample: "Thou shalt not identify a great moral challenge and put off dealing with it. In a system where the people choose the leader, thou shalt not topple the leader without consulting them. And generally speaking thou shalt not consort with faceless geezers hiding in the drapery with sharp objects. And most importantly thou shalt not toss the mortal remains of a former leader out in the street the next morning and invoice the people for the clean-up. For there will be retribution, and it shall be in spades."
  • Read a meditation on the commercialisation of Father's Day - from a secularist perspective, but with some insights to offer;
  • If you live in Melbourne or Adelaide, sign up for the 40 days for life campaign which starts on September 22.

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R J said...

A very interesting post, Terra, which inspires the following thoughts, for what they might be worth:

(a) If it could be shown that John Howard and Tony Abbott had advocated necrophilia on every second Tuesday, there would still be certain "Christian lobby" apparatchiks defending them, largely through ignorance of those profound truths about the party system which Belloc explained. (Well, he only explained them 100 years ago, so we can't expect the average Australian "Christian" lobbyist to be that quick on the uptake).

(b) Ye gods, Catholica's creep du jour Tom McMahon really is a piece of work, isn't he? (I note that he writes: "Her [woman's] person remains to me a mystery, worthy of investigation". Hey Tom baby, if I ever introduce you to a female friend of mine and you try "investigating" her, I'll have your bowels on a stick.) He would've got along fabulously with the recently deceased therapeutic megacreep Ronald Conway, whose inability to keep his cotton-pickin' hands off his male patients' private parts - while holding down a Melbourne archdiocesan consultancy - is the subject of an article (not yet online) in the latest issue of America's Remnant magazine.

(c) Let's face it, would anybody care about what Hawking says on religion, or anything else, were he able-bodied? If he's insufficiently perspicacious to realise that his fellow pagans would have happily aborted his crippled being in the womb as soon as look at it - and that he owed his very existence to those Christian teachings that he despises - then I conclude that his claims to giant intellect are so much codswallop.