Monday, 27 September 2010

Fr Gresser FSSP update

Many will know that Fr Laurence Gresser FSSP of Sydney was seriously injured recently (and will hopefully have taken note of the request for prayers in the sidebar).  The Sydney website provides this update:

"Our chaplain, Fr Gresser FSSP, had a very serious accident on Saturday, the 18th of September. A gas heater blew up while he was lighting it and burnt over 35% of his body. His left arm, right shoulder, chest and face suffered burns of various degrees. He also suffered fire inhalation injuries.

After being placed on the critical list, he made a remarkable recovery, that after six days he can now walk and talk a little.

Fr Gresser needs our prayers, as do his family. Fr Wong and the other FSSP priests in Sydney, and all those parishioners who are closely associated with the administration of the chaplaincy also need your prayers.

Our Lady Mary, the Blessed Virgin Mother of the Church, pray for him.

St Lawrence, pray for him."

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Grandma Snark said...

I will be keeping him in my prayers.