Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And Victoria said: bring on the next plague!

Last night the ABC television news featured an unfortunate Victorian who had just rebuilt his house after the dreadful bushfires of eighteen months ago only to have it destroyed again by the current floods.  His fighting response though, was to ponder what nature could possibly heap on them next, and say, 'bring it on'.  A modern day pharoah!

Natural disasters and God

Now in these PC times we are not actually allowed to point out that in the Old Testament God frequently used natural disasters to attempt to persuade people to repent and do his will, and that Christians believe in the continuity of the Old and the New Testaments, that God still acts in history.

Nor are we allowed to point out in this connection, I suspect, that Victoria has the worst abortion legislation in Australia (and that's saying something), that we are coming up to a State election that provides a chance to repeal that legislation, and that God might therefore be trying to send us a message.  Because that would be un-PC.

Let me clear that if one were to believe that floods and fires might be a message to repent, I wouldn't be suggesting that the particular individuals most affected by these disasters are the most guilty: quite the contrary. The greatest victims of the holocaust of abortion after all are completely innocent.  Innocent and guilty alike (the child vs those who prosecute the abortion for a starter) suffer the consequences for the actions of those who voted for this evil legislation.  And of course, in this context, it is always worth recalling the story of Job, being read at Matins in the Roman Breviary at the moment, who exemplifies the idea that God may permit suffering for particular reasons, but is not necessarily its direct cause, and also epitomises the correct approach to dealing with innocent suffering.

What can we do...

Still, if one did happen to feel that there might be a connection between natural and unnatural events (and even if you don't!), now is a good time to start focusing on the upcoming Victorian election.  And there is a new useful website to help on this.

Life Vote provides information about how Victorian parliamentarians voted on the abortion legislation, and advice on how to get involved in the upcoming campaign.  It's promotional spiel says:

"Following the Victorian Abortion Law Reform Act, Life Vote was formed to campaign against and defeat pro-abortion MPs at the 2010 State election.

Life Vote believes:

•Every person in Victoria has the right to life.

•Women in crisis pregnancies should be offered real help and counselling

•Pro-life doctors, nurses and other medical personel deserve freedom of conscience.

Life Vote is not affiliated with any political party.

Our vision is a pro-life government. A government that respects the the right to life of all people in Victoria, including unborn children."

The vision, with its emphasis on the help and freedom of conscience issues, sounds freshingly pitched for a wider appeal.  Let's hope that it runs a sophisticated campaign that can pierce the veil of denial that prevails in our secular culture of death.

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Catholic Voter said...

Be careful of Life Vote. They seem to be pro-life enough but we all must be aware that Life Vote is a project of the NCC and as such will find a middle ground with candidates due to other issues. There is much evidence of this but the most startling one is the following paragraph taken from one of Life Vote's email alerts sent out earlier in the year...

"Identify major issues of concern in your Electorate – big issues are: water, bush fires, safety, transport, health and education – hone these to the local electorate – it is not ONLY about the life issues and although they remain paramount in our minds (abortion and euthanasia) are not the only issues to fight on when it comes to influencing politicians;"