Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Still waiting for government....

The negotiations to determine who will form the next Federal Government of Australia continue to drag on:
  • Andrew Wilkie is proving as dangerous as predicted with a wishlist a mile long including a conscience vote on same sex 'marriage';
  • more than a few of the Liberals are proving themselves to be the crazies they appear with heavy-handed attempts to lobby the Independents;
  • the Green's attempt to obtain a Cabinet position under Labor appears, thankfully, to have been rejected (the story that the Tas Greens staged a Cabinet walk-out was drowned out by the fact that they waited until the day after the Federal election!) ;
  • disputes about the conventions continue, but read Antony Green's useful analysis on this subject.
Meanwhile, attention has been distracted from some important happenings at the State level.  In NSW, legislation on same sex adoptions is currently up for consideration.  MP Clover Moore has moved an amendment to exempt the Church agencies, which makes it a slight improvement on the UK version.  But this is a fight that needs to be tackled hard now.


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