Friday, 6 August 2010

Godless feminist vs committed Catholic?

The Coalition continue to make some interesting policy announcements, including scrapping the health system reforms negotiated with the States by Kevin Rudd, and dropping the web filter designed to protect children against pornography.

Meanwhile, PM Gillard is trying to schmooze the christian vote, attending a fundraiser for Blessed Mary McKillop's canonisation ceremonies with Cardinal Pell and promising $1.5m for the cause, and doing an interview for the Australian Christian Lobby website.

If you want to compare policies, the Australian Christian Lobby have launched a very helpful website providing information on things like past conscience votes, party positions on touchstone issues, dates of candidate forums, candidate videos, and points of difference between the parties.  Well worth a look.

For those who feel we need go no further than looking at the two leaders personal beliefs however, I would urge you to resist creeping americanism and remember that in Australia, despite all the rhetoric, we elect Parties and individual MPs, not Prime Ministers.  The merits of the respective leaders clearly is an important consideration.  But I don't think it can be the only one given that it is perfectly possible that firstly, in a genuine Cabinet style government, it is not the leaders views alone that matter, and secondly, an existing leader may be deposed, resign or leave due to illness, and that the Government will not necessarily change.  Some links to consider the issue further:
And for a good analysis of the failings of both parties, have a read of Professor Ross Garnaut's Hamer Oration, delivered last night.  There are a few media reports on it, hopefully the full transcript will be available soon:

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Mum2eight said...

thanks for the link to the Australian Christian Lobby. It will be very helpful in deciding who to vote for.