Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ahh traditionalists...and how wide is your maniple?

One of my most particular beefs with the traditionalist movement is the tendency to beat up practitioners of the Ordinary Form for liturgical abuses while happily engaging in their own forms of 'creativity'.
So I always enjoy posts by others highlighting this problem, and there is a nice one today on this issue from Fr Raven.  He points to a post on another blog with which, like Father, I don't fully agree (in particular Patricius' argument that we can't call the 1962 books traditional is untenable in my view; approval by proper authority trumps age and traditions do develop).  But the essential message from Patricius, that we've become overly focused on liturgical validity, at the cost of attention to the actual approved rubrics and ars celebrandi, is I think a good one.

Do go and read both posts.

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