Monday, 7 June 2010

Ad multos annos: Fr Duncan Wong FSSP

The end of the Year of the Priest is drawing near; indeed the ordination anniversary of Fr Duncan Wong FSSP is the last on my list to be celebrated that fall within the year.  In a way that is rather appropriate given his role in promoting traditional vocations, so I thought I'd just highlight the day for you and request prayers for him and all priests, particularly those on the list of Australian EF celebrants I've been highlighting (I'll put up the full list again in a few days).

There was actually a rather nice article about Fr Wong in the Easter edition of the Catholic Weekly, but unfortunately its not online and although a kind reader has sent me a PDF version, I'm not able to put it up here.

But just to pick out a few key points, Fr Wong grew up in Malaysia, and originally sought to be a Benedictine monk  - but his french wasn't up to the standard necessary for the existing traditional French houses, and so providentially he ended up with the FSSP instead.  He is now director of the FSSP first year seminary-noviciate based in Petersham, Sydney.

Ad multos annos!

**By way of a postcript on things FSSP, I've been alerted to some wonderful pictures up on the Transalpine Redemptorists blog of the first mass of Fr Simon Harkins, one of the group of newly ordained FSSP priests, at Edinburgh Cathedral in the presence of  its bishop, His Eminence Keith Cardinal O'Brien.  And if you blow up the photo of the assembled clergy (and probably a few of the other photos) you should be able to spot Adelaide's own Fr McCaffrey FSSP, near the back on the left side.


Lukasz said...

Fr Duncan Wong is a holy priest. I met him in Levisham, we prayed had some talks. I have never met such a priest before. He is so holy. Since that my life has changed. Since that I want to follow Jesus.

God Bless.

Ivan said...

Father Duncan and I went to school together all those years ago in Malaysia. He has always been a traditionalist and very pious person. Even back in school. If somebody reads this, please say hello to him from Ivan Len.