Saturday, 22 May 2010

Saturday stories you should read....

Some of the important stories that may or may not make it into Cath News on Monday.....

Church News
  • Archbishop Wilson has responded more comprehensively to the accusations against him made last week on the ABC in an article in The Australian.
  • The Oz also has a very positive and comprehensive article about the approval of the new liturgy, saying that "A new translation of the mass soon to be celebrated by more than 100 million English-speaking Catholics reaches back to church tradition, replacing the more colloquial and dumbed-down liturgy that was adopted by the Vatican 40 years ago."   The quick guide to the changes is worth saving.
Life issues
  • The scientific breakthrough involving the creation of synthetic cells.  The Pontifical Academy for Life have welcomed the discovery, but pointed to the need for ethical considerations to be given priority.  The SMH has a discussion on it and poll.
  • The Defence establishment are apparently attempting (with a noticeable lack of success) to force contraceptives on female troops, according to an article in The Herald-Sun reproting that four women have been sent home from Afghanistan because they have become pregnant.
Liar politicians continued
  • The last few weeks have seen an intense focus on the (lack of) integrity on the part of many politicians - starting with Kevin Rudd's backdown on 'the greatest moral challenge of our times', continuing with Tony Abbott's admitted willngness to tell porkies in the interests of winnning a debate, and now the NSW politician who publicly presented himself as a family man - but in fact lived a double life as a homosexual.  An article in The Age points out that the media have been less than consistent on some of these issues.  Personally, while I dislike the media muckracking and its questionable motivations, it doesn't seem to unreasonable to demand that our elected representatives conduct themselves with integrity, and be seen to do so.  The idea that private lives can miraculously be separate from, and not affect, public lives is without merit. 
Supporting families
  • Surprise, surprise, workplaces are getting less family friendly, not more, according to a new study.  And the Labor Party's dumped childcare policy just reinforces the problem according to Anne Summers.  I know many catholics, particularly at the traditionalist end of the spectrum will find the lack of decent childcare no bad thing, but there is an economic reality that many women down the centuries have had to work, and there is a good case for supporting genuine choice in my view.
Other religions
  • Virginia Hausegger of ABC Canberra has an article in The Age explaining why, from a feminist perspective, the burqa should be banned.  You won't agree with all of her arguments, but some of them are compelling, and its good to see the fightback against pro-'tolerance' twaddle start from within the secular establishment. 
  • By contrast, the SA Government has established a 'high level task force' to help defend muslim women from 'misconceptions' an 'ignorance' on the reasons for wearing a burqa and other issues (such as, one assumes the rationale for assorted provisions of sharia law).


Louise said...

That looks like a good round up there, Terra. I'll enjoy reading those.

Terra said...

Thanks Louise, good to know someone is reading my rants!

Louise said...

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