Friday, 16 April 2010

Today on the frontline: do your Friday penance....

The Pope called yesterday, in a sermon for Catholics to do penance and speak out not just on what is useful to this world, but of eternal realities:

"Now, under the attacks of the world, which speak to us of our sins, we see that to be able to do penance is a grace – and we see how necessary it is to do penance, that is, to recognize what is wrong in our lives: to recognize one’s sin, to open oneself to forgiveness, to prepare for pardon, to allow oneself to be transformed."  The pain of penance, the pain of purification and transformation – this pain is grace, because it is renewal – it is the work of the Divine Mercy."

So please do offer your Friday penance (such as the traditional and encouraged practice of abstaining from meat) for those who have suffered child abuse (whether from those in the Church or outside it), and say a prayer in support of the Pope.  In fact your could sign up here to indicate your support and prayers for the Pope.

And then, having fired a few spiritual shots to support everyone's efforts, you could visit the frontline yourself:
  • The Sydney Morning Herald demonstrates that yesterday's Miranda Devine article was just a tokenistic attempt to pretend to be balanced, with a story that repeats discredited allegations and yet another outrageous poll on whether the Pope should be arrested (as at 7.30 this morning five hours to go, and its a massacre so far), so please do go vote.
  • On the ABC website Bob Ellis suggests bombing the Vatican on the grounds that's what we did to Afghanistan for similar reasons, and comparing the Vatican to Bin Laden (surely this sort of thing is a breach of our Human Rights Act?).  Do go on and comment to indicate your outrage.

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Joshua said...

I know a man who's lodged a formal complaint against Ellis' hate-mongering and religious vilification. I suggest you do the same...