Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Feast of St Anselm OSB

The recent rebirthing (sans bishop countdowns etc) of Cooees from the Cloister seems to have allowed them to recover their sense of humour, so I link today to a piece originally from Mark Shea's blog, to the tune of Walzing Matilda.  A brief extract to encourage you to go read the whole thing:

"Once a jolly friar got himself an argument

And couldn't get it out of his mind.
He thought that he could prove the existence of the Deity
Because of the way that the words are defined.


Thus spake St. Anselm, thus spake St. Anselm,
Thus spake St. Anselm, who now is long dead,
And we're awed as we read his proof so ontological;
Who can deny a word that he said?

If that than which nothing greater can be conceived
Can be conceived not to exist,
Then 'tis not that than which nothing greater can be conceived:
This is unquestionable, I insist...."

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