Friday, 23 April 2010

Cath News watch...

And just to continue my point about Cath News' unhelpful skewing of the news, today we get:
  • Fr Frank Brennan's piece in the SMH lamenting the decision not to proceed with a Human Rights Charter given pride of place - following up an earlier reporting of the original decision.  But where is the coverage of those welcoming the decision, not least one of the main opponents, Cardinal Pell? 
  • even worse, a piece from a German magazine suggesting the Vicar General of Munich was pressured into being the fallguy for the Pope - without any reference to Fr Gruber's firm denials of this claim;
  • a bizarre and obscure story about a failed carbon offsets scheme that left the Vatican in the lurch with a classic cathnews headline spin of the 'The Vatican forest that wouldn't grow' (typically, the Cath News extract doesn't bother to mention that the Vatican is actually considering suing those involved....)


Louise said...

The media! Bunch of Ideologues!

Terra said...

Yes, the media are a bunch of ideologues - but why does cathnews, funded by the Bishops Conference, perpetuate the problem instead of being part of the solution!