Friday, 23 April 2010

The biggest real news this week: No to a Human Rights Charter

The biggest Oz news (from a catholic perspective) this week was actually good news - the Government's decisions to 'defer' further consideration of a Charter of Human Rights until 2014. 

The decision is remarkable for a number of reasons, not least that it represents the results of extremely well-organized and effective lobbying on the part of Christian (including catholic) and inter-faith organizations.  And it makes Australia (Victoria aside, as it already has its own version of a Charter) a stronghold against some of the worst mechanisms being used to attack Christians in countries such as Canada and the UK.

The strongest argument used was that a Charter represents a shift of power from the legislature to the judiciary (pointing to the loss of power and effects on some current policies and practices espoused by politicians that would become illegal under a Charter is always helpful). 

The more important argument is the way it has been used in Victoria and overseas to attack the freedom of religion.

No surprise then that its advocates - such as Jesuit Fr Frank Brennan, who headed the Government Committee that recommended proceeding with a Charter - are out in force today whingeing about the outcome and trying to keep the project alive to try again after the next election.

The battle has been won, and all those involved should be congratulated. 

But the war continues....

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Louise said...

The battle has been won, and all those involved should be congratulated.

Yes, this was really good news indeed.