Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Bishops resign in the diocese of Scranton

There's an interesting item over at Fr Z on the resignation of both the auxiliary and bishop of Scranton, PA (Bishops Dougherty and Martino). Scranton, you might recall, is the diocese in which the FSSP originally had its American seminary and still has its headquarters.

Bishop Martino seems to have been conservative rather than particularly sympathetic to the traditionalist cause (a number of traditionalist religious communities previously based there have decamped or been closed down under his regimen). The bishop was, however, outspoken on an number of key issues such as abortion, and in the process seems to have antagonised his clergy and laity. Some commenter's on Fr Z have suggested that the problem was not what he said, but his tendency to leap first without doing the necessary preparatory work.

The bishop himself said:“there has not been a clear consensus among the clergy and people of the Diocese of Scranton regarding my pastoral initiatives or my way of governance. This development, he continued, “has caused him great sorrow, resulting in bouts of insomnia and at times a crippling physical fatigue.”

Interesting times.

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