Thursday, 27 August 2009

Opposition to the TLM waning?

A survey conducted by the US Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate has found that opposition to the return of the Traditional Mass has dropped dramatically since 1985.

According to the survey, the majority of catholics (63%) have no view one way or another on the subject, and 12% oppose its return. By contrast, back in 1985 a Gallup Poll found that opinions were much more polarised, with 25% opposed its return and only 35% with no opinion.

The really intriguing part of the results are the demographics of support and opposition to the Mass.

Unsurprisingly, practicing Catholics (attend Mass weekly) were far more likely (33%) to support the return of the TLM. But among this group opposition was quite strong too - 20% were opposed, dropping to 13% among less than weekly but at least monthly attenders (with 29% of the latter group in support).

The results by age were also interesting - the Tabletistas/Acatholicas are heavily concentrated among those born before 1943 (24% oppose), with support for the return of the mass highest (32%) and opposition lowest (13%) in the 'Vatican II' generation (born before 1961). Those in the 'post-Vatican II' and Millenial generations were most likely to have no opinion one way or the other (72 and 78% respectively).

These are US results of course and may not be replicated in Australia. Still they suggest there is scope to do a bit of marketing to a younger age group unaffected by the polemics of the past on this subject...

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