Sunday, 23 August 2009

Oops - comments are back on!

Apologies to anyone who tried to comment - I had forgotten I had switched them off during my blog break. However, they are now turned back on again, so comment away...

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Anonymous said...

The article in The Age actually gives an accurate report of what is happening in the Victorian DLP. There is a faction which wants to turn the DLP into a catholic party, when it has never been a catholic party ( even if its members were predominately catholic).

A political party aims to get people elected to office and narrowing one's appeal to the public is a mistake. The DLP is not a one issue party. Yes it is pro life but it has other policies too. Any party which was to have as part of its platform the outlawing of contraception , would be committing electoral suicide.

The DLP is not the Catholic Church on earth, it is a political party.