Monday, 6 July 2009

Oh dear, Oh Brian!

I frequently despair of traditionalism and traditionalists. We sometimes seem more intent on criticising each other than on anythng else.

But the sure cure for this ailment is to take a little dip into 'Acatholica'. And here is today's inoculating dose of liberal heresy from Brian Coyne:

"I notice that the "Catholic Media Coalition" is another of these "oh, we are so faithful to the magisterium" websites. They are like a cancer eating the heart out of Catholicism. [So faithfulness to the Magistrium is a cancer!] The clear implication in all of these websites is "we are holier, or closer to God, or know God's rules better than all the rest of youse pagans, heretics and ratbags" [too right! Hmm, I can see a blog name out of that line, I love it].

Where did this cancer seep into the Church where one's Catholicism is defined by one's faithfulness to the magisterium [umm, like always?] as though belonging to the Church is no different to barracking for some football team? Authentic Catholicism ought be charactered by a search for moral and ultimate truth [No. Authentic Catholicism is about accepting the moral and ultimate truth entrusted by God to his Church] not by this kindergarten game [Ahh, an 'adult faith'. Pope Benedict XVI has lately had some apposite things to say about this idea] played by this rump in the Church who are forever running around trying to prove they are the only one's who know truth and that is "proved" by their obsequiousness towards whatever administration happens to be on the bridge at the moment.

When we again have a Church leadership that ceases pandering to the emotional needs of this small rump [Give me a break - its the liberal camp that is driven by emotion and feeling, not the traditional] and is again intent in lifting all people to uncovering moral truth and goodness in their lives we will have an institution "moving forward again" in the world. [OK. We might even agree on the second half of this sentence!] That supposedly adult people cannot appreciate the real game they are playing with these "we are faithful to the magisterium" mantras is a sad indictment of the mess institutional Catholicism is in. When will the bishops collectively begin to stand up against these kindergarten games?

For each of us as individuals our salvation is NOT secured by how often or how obsequiously we can demonstrate our "faithfulness to the magisterium". [Well actually....] It is secured by our demonstrated capacity to make intelligent moral judgments in our lives, particularly in those challenges which occur in life where the options are not black or white but shades of moral grey [No. There are clear principles for making moral decisions in our lives - we need to act from a properly formed conscience and have the right object, intention, circumstances. That is not to suggest that decisions are always easy to make or carry through. But this isn't fuzzy stuff.] ! There are many of them."


Joshua said...

I think it was Chesterton who said that it must be so hard for people to make moral decisions if they have no principles.

It would appear that that false Coyne now espouses a mixture of situation ethics and Pelagianism, since he rejects holding to the one Faith...

The sheer arrogance and rudeness of the man sufficiently proves him a Modernist, as Pius X long ago noted such to be their character.

WLMS said...

He's not the messiah. He's a very naughty boy.
I wonder if Brian is a republican or monarchist...?

matthias said...

"Authentic Catholicism ought be charactered by a search for moral and ultimate truth"
1. Brian it should be characterised-strewth he even destroys the Queen's English context.
2. The ultimate truth is that whilst we were yet sinners Christ died for us. That's why you go to MAss ,remember Brian ,where the ultimate Truth that 'Christ has died,Christ has Risen,Christ will come again' is said by the priest and the congregation repeat it with great joy,except in Coyne's church where they probably release balloons as a symbol of the search for ultimate truth.Brian you are like a man who is blown about in every direction. Brian Coyne-Straw man,