Friday, 12 June 2009

A Tasmanian pilgrimage

The Tasmanian Traditional Latin Mass community held a little mini-pilgrimage last weekend to some of Tasmania's beautiful historic churches, with the assistance of Fr Tattersall from Melbourne. There's a bit of nostalgia value in these great photos for me, as noted below!

Proceedings started with the baptism of its newest and youngest member, followed by Vespers and Benediction at St Joseph's, Hobart (I was baptized there too, although in the days when there was still a roodscreen and altar rails, or so my mother tells me!):

Stephen Smith provided musical assistance.

A litany of Our Lady of Loreto was sung at St John's Richmond, Australia's oldest Catholic Church:

The weather, I gather, was very cold and wet, discouraging some potential participants!

And Mass was sung at St Patrick's, Colebrook (some of those graves are my ancestors I believe):

Both St Patrick's and St John's were designed by Augustine Pugin, most famous for the British House's of Parliament. Note the rather splendid roodscreen:

You can find more photos and links to information on the churches at the Latin Mass Melbourne site.


Anonymous said...

St Patrick's Church Colebrook is being restored by the Pugin Foundation. Visit

Joshua said...


You will find previous coverage of all this on my blog:

matthias said...

st John's Richmond,on a hill,is the most peaceful place to visit and to reflect in on a hot Saturday afternoon. I went there on my honeymoon -1982-and felt a deep sense of the presence of God.
i envy people who can point to thje graves of their ancestors,as i am still trying to find where mine lived .

David said...


Here in SA, you can count on the fingers of one hand the number of churches that still have traditional altars with a reredos! Seriously. I can think of three (all run by religious orders). All the diocesan churches (I think) have been wreckovated and have those infernal picnic-table-things that you need to cover with acres of brocade to make look vaguely like an altar. Even when they have an "old" altar, you have to dodge around the picnic table to get to the altar rails.

Anonymous said...

I have to say the 'revamping' of some cathedrals in Australia is horrendous. The Hobart casthedral is probably one of the worst. Drab, cold, no inspiration. It has the effect of being devoid of any spiritual art that attracts. The Canberra one is probably a close second.
What is it about those who are given the redesign commission?: What the heck are they doing?
I know - they are just giving the people moribund, cold and lifeless churches. St Joseph's in Hobart which I have also visited over the years for decades is a case in point. The removal of the altar screen then the altar rails. The bland former altar piece and then the new plain, wooden altar table.
Overall, these are are disgraceful. There is no sanctity in them. Indeed they are now more protestant in their appearances than any Protestant church.
Let's have a return to great cathedrals that had warmth, great art and provided a sanctuary for the faithful.
This is a real problem in Australia a land without any history of great Church art.
Something needs to be done and the bishops need a good course in Church design.
So much to do.
Guting cathedrals and replacing their interiors with concrete and wood is just shameless.