Sunday, 7 June 2009

On calendar matters....

Restore the Octave of Pentecost!

Fr Blake of St Mary Magdalen has started a petition to the Holy Father asking for the restoration of the Octave of Pentecost (in the Ordinary Form). Please do lend it your support - sign here (just leave the region blank).

Holy Days of Obligation in Australia

My own little poll to help formulate a possible petition to our own bishops to restore a few more holy days of obligation has left me pondering where to go next on this!

You might recall that currently we have two holy days of obligation other than Sundays - the Assumption and Christmas Day. There seemed to be general support for All Saints and Ascension as next cabs off the rank. The challenge was to pick one more, given that asking for more than five seemed a little over-ambitious as a starting point.

But the result was essentially a three way split, with only one vote between between Corpus Christi (32%), Epiphany (30%) and a few less for the Immaculate Conception (24%).

In retrospect, I should perhaps have structured the poll differently, but in the absence of a clear consensus, perhaps now is not the time to proceed (suggestions welcomed).... But in any case, thanks to all who voted!


Fr Ray Blake said...

Thanks for the link.

Terra said...

Posted on behalf of Rosemary:

In Perth the Latin Mass Community still keep the Holy Days of obligation as existed prior to Vatican II ie: Christmas Day, Feast of the Circumcision (1st Jan), Ascension Thursday, The Assumption (15th August) and All Saints Day (1st November.) Father provides extra Masses and reminds people that these days are traditional Holy Days although it is not a sin if they do not attend Mass on the actual day. Most of us do keep them on the actual day, rather than the newer custom of the church, on the transferred dy of the Sunday. If we were to have extra over and above the traditional ones, I think they should include Corpus Christi and the Immaculate Conception.

Don't give up on it; raise it again soon and keep it on the boil.