Tuesday, 2 June 2009

DLP and the FSSP?

Cooees Priory has a curious item on the FSSP apostolate at Lewisham - it seems the restarting Democratic Labor Party got a bit of a promotion last Sunday and may be a forerunner for a consistent position on the part of the priests there.

So please, Sydneyites, tell us more.....


Boezio said...

I am not sure of the details but notwithstanding the fine pro life and pro family platform of the DLP (though bizarre tax policy and defence- aussie nukes! ) , a small apostolate endorsing a fringe party seems wildly imprudent.
Anyway what happened to supporting a catholic monarch-preferably an heir of Louis xvi!

Louise said...

Any minute now I will whip my butt into gear and actually send my membership form to the DLP. Any minute now.

I agree they have a bizarre tax policy - I haven't been able to understand it properly myself.

Anonymous said...

The DLP tax policy is not bizarre. The current system of bracket creep, along with the higher incidence of tax falling on average wage earners and their families because of GST is a hugely unfair way of tax gathering.

Reverse tax is about handing back tax monies where iondividuals and families , especially on low wages are paying more as a proportion of their wage on rent, food, education compared to those who can more easily afford to pay.