Monday, 29 June 2009

Ad Multos Annos...

I do particularly love finding out a little background on the priests we are praying for, it is a nice way of helping us pray for them, as well as capturing a little of the history of the traditionalist movement in Australia.

So thanks to Rosemary for the photos and background here on Father Georges Maurel whose 30th anniversary of ordination it is today (and if you have some background on those whose aniversary is coming up, please do send it in, or add something via the comments button).

A priest of the Archdiocese of Perth, he is French born and was ordained by the late Archbishop Lefebvre in 1979. He left Society of St Pius X some years ago and was helping Father Michael Rowe with the Latin Mass Community in WA until he followed a call to be a hermit. Having made his consecration into the hands of Archbishop Hickey he went to Queensland - the WA community misses him, but he will welcome any visitors at his hermitage in South Mackay.

Please pray also for Fr McDaniels of Melbourne, whose seventh anniversary of ordination it is today.

Today is also a particularly appropriate day to remember our current Peter, Pope Benedict XVI. May all priests, especially the traditionally inclined, strive always to lead by example, and seek the grace to forgive each other past sins and hurts, to see past differences of opinion, and work together for the restoration of Holy Church in union with Peter.

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