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Relax, it is Saturday...

Just to lighten up your Saturday, a couple of links you may enjoy.

On ecumenical dialogue....

For Lewis Carroll fans, here is a link to a wonderful parody of the Walrus and the Carpenter by EL Maskell on the subject of ecumenical dialogue (in this case with the Orthodox). It was originally published in Theology Today (thanks to Acatholica for pointing to it!).

A little sample:

"The Thomist and the Palamite
Were walking hand in hand.
Each did his very best to make
The other understand."
If only we could both agree,"
They said, "It would be grand."

"If sixty trained philosophers
Argued for half a year,
Do you suppose," the Thomist said,
"That they could get it clear?""
I doubt it," said the Palamite,
And shed a bitter tear..."

Do go and read!

Denying politicians communion

Now this is rather old news (by several centuries, so not just my usual slackness at work here!), but I do think you will find it fruitful to read Fr Z's spruiking of this important report by Miss Hilary White.

Now I don't always agree with all of Fr Z's comments, but I think he's pretty much on track on this one....a short extract:

"MEDIOLANUM, May 20, 390 (Ille Curator) – The Catholic bishop of Mediolanum has been accused of "political grandstanding" by some bishops and representatives of other Christian denominations, after he expelled the Western Emperor, Theodosius, from his cathedral on Friday – apparently a response to the recent alleged killing of 7,000 in Thessalonica. [Interesting turning of the tables. Usually the reportage says that Ambrose and his party are the "some", that is, the "few right-wing loudmouths" who don’t have a "nuanced" position.]"

Eunomius of Cyzicus, a leader in the Arian school of Christianity, [I don’t want to say… well.. "read: Jesuits", but…] and bishop Palladius of Ratiaria have distanced themselves from Archbishop Ambrose, saying he has engaged in an unnecessary public clash at the cathedral that was ill-befitting his position as a Church leader. [No "common ground" there. Can’t we all just get along?] Palladius said that refusing to allow the Emperor to enter except as a barefoot penitent was an "extreme and unpastoral" approach, that it had been "hasty" and was tantamount to "using the Holy Eucharist as a political weapon." [Besides, resorting to misleading characterizations based on facts is just plain mean.]

Bishop Palladius said, "If the emperor had come to my cathedral, I would have greeted him with compassion, not condemnation. I would consider it my duty to dialogue with him first before making any dramatic public confrontations.

"I feel it is our business as bishops to teach and I do not believe that the Holy Eucharist should be wielded as a political weapon."

The criticism comes after an extraordinary confrontation between Emperor Theodosius and the bishop of Mediolanum at the cathedral late last week.

Eyewitnesses reported that when the bishop saw the emperor approaching for services he physically blocked the entrance. [Welll… I am not sure about that. But this is the spin that the left is giving the story. Let’s just move on.]

The emperor has been the subject of controversy recently across the Empire since the alleged massacre, sanctioned by the emperor, of 7000 in the Greek city of Thessalonica...."

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