Sunday, 17 May 2009

Praying for our priests***

I suggested a little while back that people send in the names and ordination dates (and ideally a few other biographical details) of priests associated in one way or another with the Extraordinary Form, so that we can construct a prayer list for them as part of a contribution to the upcoming Year for Priests.

Priests certainly need our prayers! I've received a few contributions so far, but there are a lot of gaps. So please, take this opportunity to ask your priest the date of his ordination if you don't know it, and send it in (and Fathers, do feel free to send in your details to me directly). I've arranged the list by State/City for the moment to make it easier to see who is missing....


Archbishop Barry Hickey - 20 December 1958
Father Timothy Deeter - 8 May 1981
Father Georges Maurel - 29 June 1979
Father Martin Roestenburg O Praem - 13 April 1991
Father Michael Rowe - 21 May 1994, Perth Latin Mass chaplain
Father Jim Shelton - 30 June 2000


Father Michael McCaffrey FSSP - 24 June 2006, Adelaide Latin Mass chaplain
Fr David Thoroughgood - 20 March 1982, hospital chaplain; former Latin Mass chaplain
Fr Mannes Tellis OP - 20 December 2008


Fr John Fongemie FSSP - 23rd June 2001; US-based; former Latin Mass chaplain
Fr Ken Webb FSSP - 22 May 2004; Latin Mass chaplain
Bishop Aloysius Morgan (obit 21.5.08)
Msgr John Kelly (obit 5.8.07)
Fr John Parsons 3 April 1982


Fr William Grogan - 22 June 1979
Fr Leo Lane - 27 July 1948


Fr Glen Tattersall - 23 June 2001, Melbourne Latin Mass chaplain
Fr John McDaniels - 29 June 2002, Melbourne Latin Mass
Fr Donald Lourensz -26 June 1987, Hoppers Crossing
Christopher Dowd OP - 30 July 1988


Fr Peter-John Nievandt - 1 July 2005
Fr Chris Reay - 19 August 1978, Parish Priest, Kerang


Fr Leo Hynes - 28 June 1975
Fr Bernard McGrath - 17 August 1984



Fr Lawrence Gresser FSSP - 4 March 2000; Lewisham chaplain
Fr Dominic Popplewell FSSP - 22 Nov 2008; Lewisham
Fr James McCarthy - 30 April 2009
Fr Andrew Benton - 30 April 2009
Father Terence Mary Naughtin OFM Conv - [7] May 1988


Bishop Kevin Manning of Parramatta - priesthood 20/12/61, episcopate 10/07/91
Fr Marko Rehak FSSP - 22 November 2008


Bp Geoffrey Jarrett - 14 May 1970


Fr Gerald Quinn CP - 21 July, 1962


Joshua said...


Fr Gerald Quinn CP - 21 July, 1962

Joshua said...


Bp Geoffrey Jarrett - 14 May 1970

Terra said...

Thanks Joshua - I'll updatte as people send me names!

andrea said...

Monsignor Kelly (dec) for the ACT, but I don't have any dates.
Fr John Parsons (again no dates)
Both were instrumental in the foundation of the EF in Canberra.

Terra said...

Thanks Andrea - Msgr Kelly's obit date is online so I've added it.

I have quite a few other names for priests, but at this stage I'm only adding names to the list if I have a date to go with it.

Mary Lou said...

Father Peter-John Nievandt is a priest of the Sandhurst Diocese, VICTORIA

They're hard enough to come by without WA claiming them.

Mary Lou said...

...and more for Victoria

Reverend Chris Reay, Ordained: 19/8/78, Parish Priest, Kerang

Rev Leo Hynes Bendigo Ordained: 28/6/75

Reverend William Grogan Ordained: 22/6/1979

Reverend Donald Lourensz, Hoppers Crossing Ordained: 28/6/1987,

Reverend Bernard McGrath, Bendigo Ordained: 17/8/1984

Reverend Leo Lane Ordained: 27/7/1948

Joshua said...

Don't forget Fr Withoos!

Nor Fr Christopher Dowd, O.P.

Ettalong said...

Sydney - Fr Mark Spora, Parish Priest of Auburn South used to celebrate at Lewisham. Ordination date?