Sunday, 10 May 2009

The Pope in the Holy Land Day II

The Pope at the memorial of Moses at Mt Nebo:
With Prince Ghazi bin Muhammad bin Talal:

On prayer

A key theme of the Pontiff's remarks so far in the Holy Land have been on the power of prayer. On Friday at the Regina Pacis centre he said:
"Friends, unlike the pilgrims of old, I do not come bearing gifts or offerings. I come simply with one intention, a hope: to pray for the precious gift of unity and peace, most specifically for the Middle East. Peace for individuals, for parents and children, for communities, peace for Jerusalem, for the Holy Land, for the region, peace for the entire human family; the lasting peace born of justice, integrity and compassion, the peace that arises from humility, forgiveness and the profound desire to live in harmony as one.

Prayer is hope in action. And in fact true reason is contained in prayer: we come into loving contact with the one God, the universal Creator, and in so doing we come to realize the futility of human divisions and prejudices and we sense the wondrous possibilities that open up before us when our hearts are converted to God’s truth, to his design for each of us and our world."

He also requested prayers for his trip:

"I exhort you all to pray every day for our world. And today I want to ask you to take up a specific task: please pray for me every day of my pilgrimage; for my own spiritual renewal in the Lord, and for the conversion of hearts to God’s way of forgiveness and solidarity so that my hope – our hope – for unity and peace in the world will bear abundant fruit."

Pilgrimage and reason

In his other addresses so far the Pope has had a lot to say using the symbolism of pilgrimage. He has also returned to the theme of the importance of reason in religion, as a counter to violence and ideological distortions. More on that soon...

The major blogs seem to be ignoring the trip so far, but you can find more coverage on:


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