Tuesday, 19 May 2009

First Melbourne Mass of Fr Andrew Benton***

A couple of shots from the Melbourne mass celebrated by the newly ordained Fr Benton - you can find lots more on the Latin Mass Melbourne website.

You might recall that Fr Benton said his first mass a week or two back at the beautiful Cerretti chapel in Sydney in the Extraordinary Form, almost certainly the first diocesan** (and I think first non-FSSP - Fr Mannes OP last year wanted to, but was not allowed to) Australian priest to say his first mass in the EF in, oh, forty years or so!

***Correction: I've been told that honour can in fact be claimed by a Perth priest, Fr Jim Shelton was ordained for the Archdiocese of Perth on 30th June 2000. Any advances?!

And on things priestly, please do keep those names and ordination dates coming in.

**Here is the list of names I've been given to supplement list so far without ordination dates - I'll accept names only as placemarkers for the moment, but do please chase up those dates for the list if you can:

Fr Duncan Wong FSSP, Sydney
Fr William Define FSSP, Parramatta
Fr Mark Withoos, Rome
Fr Joseph Kramer FSSP, Rome
Fr Gregory Jordan SJ, Brisbane

PS - Shouldn't there be a few more bishops who have said the EF on more than a few occasions to add to this list? And I know there are some older priests around the country who have said (or continue to say EF masses) in various places, and diocesan priests in Sydney and elsewhere who have included EF masses in their parish schedules.

Perhaps we need to reflect on some (not mutually exclusive) categories - those who we are duty bound to pray for (such as our own bishop and chaplain); those who particularly deserve our prayers by virtue of their previous or current service; and those who particularly need our prayers! Be generous...


Anonymous said...

Kevin Manning of Parramatta, (priesthood 20/12/61, episcopate 10/07/91)has also ordained in the EF (Glen Tattersall John Fongemie).

Anonymous said...

Christopher Dowd OP, ordained priest 30 July 1988 in St Dominic's Church, Camberwell. Ordaining prelate: Bp Peter Connors (then auxiliary of Melbourne)