Monday, 4 May 2009

Cannonball awards update!

The Mulier Fortis is demanding that I stop sulking, stop trying to rig the vote along nationalistic lines, and tell you all to vote for her. Not gunnah!

But just to prove I'm not only supporting Oz blogs, do go check out Lolsaints, a blog I've been meaning to mention for a while, and is up for best new blog. And they are offering to say a Hail Mary for each person who votes for them (do I get one for each referral guys?)! Ah, the pork barrelling is getting serious out there...

PS You might want to consider the Mulier especially for snarkiest catholic blog (a category where she is not up against our Therese)...present posts in evidence, she is also responsible for the famous Traddy womyn priest initiative.

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