Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Campion College Winter Ecclesiastical Latin Intensive

Thanks to a reader who alerted me to this course which may be of interest to some, especially priests:

Study Latin at Campion College - 13-17 July

From the leaflet:

"Vatican II also called for the Latin language to be preserved in our liturgical celebrations, especially in the common and frequently recurring texts. In Australia today, where many languages are spoken by our catholic people, it is a valuable means of uniting all people together in the common language of our Latin rite heritage.

Latin is a doorway that can lead you to wonderful delights. Designed for those who have done some Latin before (or who are prepared to work hard on the basics between now and the start of the course!), this school studies important texts from Liturgy, Scripture, Devotional writing,Theology and Philosophy, as well as sacred verse and the glorious hymns of the Latin tradition.

No participant will ever be embarrassed by their shaky Latin: the teaching method leaves the entire task of translation and exposition to the Lecturer. This course has been useful to relative beginners in Latin as well as those who are highly experienced in reading the language.

A major component of the course will be a study of Latin liturgical music, both chant and polyphony. There will be a strong emphasis on the sound and pronunciation of Latin. Hear how a ‘dead’ language comes alive again when the texts are recited and sung out aloud!

It is important to point out that the school takes no position on the Tridentine (1962) Liturgy, and does not seek to train clergy in saying the old Latin Mass. On the other hand, recognizing that Latin has been neglected in theological training over the past few decades, our purpose is to assist clergy to rediscover the beauty and majesty of the Latin tradition by reading and learning to understand some key texts. Such skills will assist clergy who wish to celebrate either in the Ordinary Form of Mass (1970 Missal) or the Extraordinary Form (1962)."

For more information, go to the Campion College site.


CatholicConvert said...

I can't find it on the Campion site. I found a "Politics Intensive". Maybe I need to ring them directly.

Thanks for spotting it...

Terra said...

Hmm, I can't see them either, but here are the contact details givne in the leaflet:

Phone: 98969300
Dr. Susanna Rizzo
Dr David Daintree