Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Ad multos annos!

Please remember in your prayers today Father Patrick Holmes, ordained on 27th May 1961.

He is the last Cammillian, an order devoted to health care, left in Australia and is chaplain to an aged care facility, including saying an occasional Latin Mass for them. He also often helps Father Rowe out at the Pro Cathedral.


Gabriella said...

I certainly will keep him in my prayers :)
(my daughter has autism and is under the care of the Cammillians in Grottaferrata (Rome)- thank God for them!)
Compliments for your blog - very nice!

Joshua said...

Fr Patrick Holmes is a gentle and holy priest, who celebrates the Mass with evident attention, devotion and love - ad multos annos!

Quasi Seminarian said...

I do believe that there is a brother who is a Cammillian as well with him.

I do think there are Filipino Cammillians in Sydney as well.

Anonymous said...

The Camillians are active in the Westmead precint in Sydney (that's where the big hospital is)

Yep, Filipino and others too