Tuesday, 21 April 2009

The Year of St Paul - what did you do to celebrate it?

The Year of St Paul is almost over, and a reader wrote to me wondering how various communities had celebrated it (or were planning to do so)? Seems like a timely question, especially since its not quite too late to arrange something if you haven't already!

So do share what you have done personally, or what your community has done. Has anyone organised a pilgrimage to one of the Churches or shrines with an indulgence attached to it? Done some special Scriptural reading? Something aimed at the modern day Gentiles out there ? Or was it all just a big yawn?!

Just to start the ball rolling, my personal commitment has been to reread all the Pauline letters as part of my lectio, as well as working my way through Pope Benedict XVI's wonderful series of General Audiences on the saint. My community has been talking about a pilgrimage, and hopefully that is still doable if we get our act together quickly...it all ends June 29!

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