Thursday, 30 April 2009

Towards a pandemic plan for the Church?

The WHO have upgraded the threat assessment associated with swine flu to imminent pandemic, and the first US death (of a small child) has been reported.

Reader Peter has alerted me to a story from the Catholic News Service showing that US bishops have started giving guidance on how to deal with the situation, including things like:
  • ceasing to offer communion in the form of the Precious Blood for the moment;
  • bowing instead of shaking hands etc at the sign of peace;
  • encouraging the ill to stay at home rather than infect others by going to mass;
  • making sure Extraordinary Ministers and priests wash their hands before distributing the hosts, with instructions "to use an alcohol-based anti-bacterial solution before and after distributing holy Communion."

Presumably our own bishops will shortly provide some formal guidance on this subject too.

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Quasi Seminarian said...

Funny how a lot of those recommendations are well ... rather traditional!