Thursday, 2 April 2009

Office for Holy Week Part IV: Holy Saturday

If you have a taste for matters liturgical, do go have a read of the series on the 1950s changes to the Holy Week liturgy over at New Liturgical Movement - it makes an interesting read! I have to say that I'm in the school that said the pre-1955 version was generally superior, and all that needed to happen was to hold the Holy Saturday vigil in the evening and make the very minor changes to accommodate that! But in any case, as far as the Office goes....

Holy Saturday hours - Holy Saturday's Office follows the pattern of the previous two days of the Triduum, so you should find it pretty straightforward when you get to this point!

Whether anticipated on Friday night, or said early on Holy Saturday, the Office today again begins with Tenebrae of the day (Lauds can be found in the Monastic Diurnal at page 318*). The minor hours are as per the previous days.

Vespers is actually said today, and can be done very early (after midday) to allow you plenty of time to rest before the Vigil! The instructions are at page 324* of the Monastic Diurnal.

The Easter Vigil and the Office - If you attend the Easter Vigil (which is after all, a bit of marathon, even if you only do the whimpy 1962 four readings!), you don't say Compline for Holy Saturday, Matins for Easter Day, or Lauds of Easter Day (the Benedictus is tacked on the end of the Vigil to stand for Lauds) you can hopefully get at least some sleep before turning up for the Mass of the big day!

But don't worry, you aren't missing out - you will get to say Lauds of Easter every day for the next week, as the Office during the Octave is said exactly as it is set for Easter day (save for the Benedictus and Magnificat antiphons and the collects)!

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