Tuesday, 28 April 2009

A new Dominican...

Joshua over at Psallite Sapienter reports that the Australian Dominicans will shortly receive the solemn vows of another friar, Br Paul Rouse, in June. The Australian and New Zealand Province of Dominicans also have four postulants this year, who you can read about here. It is good to see the Dominicans reviving downunder! Please keep Br Paul in your prayers.

And on things Dominican I've added a link to the English Dominican students' blog, Godzdogz. They have a nice post up at the moment on the wonderful fourteenth century work, The Cloud of Unknowing. The Cloud has become very popular of late, its teaching virtually twisted out of recognition in my view, by those promoting 'Centering Prayer' and the like. But, as Godzdogz point out, although insisting that contemplation is a distinct call, it does contain a lot of instruction suitable for everyone, so do go and have a read.

And as for the bear, couldn't resist I'm afraid, it is from Godzdogz!

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