Tuesday, 14 April 2009

News briefs

First a big thank you again to all those who sent in details of Holy Week ceremony times - I did get more hits than usual in the few days around Easter, and I'm assuming that was mainly visitors looking for times, so hopefully a useful service!

Secondly, please do send me piccies and/or news of your ceremonies - I'll be happy to put up selections over the next week or two to complement the ones from Melbourne and Canberra already received!

Finally, I decided last week to ignore all the bad news (and the good) in the interests of focusing on Holy Week itself. But I did keep a few notes in case you want to catch up on things. And there are also a few things of current interest you may want to pray about.

Current news

  • Philippines Reproductive Health Bill

You may recall from a few weeks ago the story of proposed legislation aimed at undermining the Philippine's strong commitment to catholic principles on contraception and abortion. Debate is scheduled to start on it today.

  • The Pope's Holy Week sermons and messages

Go over to the Vatican's you tube channel for the Pope's Urbi et Orbi message, and other clips from Easter ceremonies. Or here for transcripts.

Holy Week News...

Monday of Holy Week

  • Earthquake hits L'Aquila in Italy
  • In Australia, Cath News features a pro-homosexual website, and a story about an ex-stripper turned worker nun who does liturgical dances for bishops and cardinals... The comment I posted to Cath News on Acceptance:

    "How could a 'catholic' site promote something like this! And in Holy Week too!Acceptance does not teach that homosexuals must practise chastity. It does not teach that homosexual acts are inherently disordered - rather it teaches those suffering this condition to be proud of the fact!

    'In short, Acceptance is striving for full recognition and acceptance of homosexual, bisexual and transgender Catholics, enabling them to celebrate their God-given sexuality and to receive the Sacraments as full members of the Catholic Church.' This is completely incompatible with the teaching of the Church. Please, remove this link from your site immediately!

Tuesday of Holy Week

  • Killing of a Texas priest, who had just retired confirmed.
  • In Australia, a survey on knowledge and belief of Christianity gives some very curious results - but on the plus side 54% say they believe in the Resurrection.

Wednesday of Holy Week

  • Infamous convert Tony Blair lectures the Pope on the need to change the Church's views on homosexuality...go read all about it over at Fr Tim's place.
  • In Australia the Cooees novices couldn't resist trying a little traddie bashing, putting up a 'flames of shame' notice for the Brisbane traddie Vigil Mass, claiming that a 6pm timing was 'cutting it a bit fine' for darkness (not really given that sunset was at 5.24pm in Brisbane). Leaving aside the silliness of worrying about start times for a Vigil that until a few decades ago actually occurred on Saturday morning, it was pointed out that in fact the Vigil was actually at 6.30pm...

Thursday of Holy Week

  • A Sydney hospital decrees that all crucifixes, religious images and Bibles be removed from its chapel, for fear of offending other religions....

Good Friday

  • Cardinal Pell somewhat belatedly defended the Pope's stance on condoms in Africa.

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