Sunday, 19 April 2009

Good-bye Fr Kennedy

Today was Fr Kennedy's last mass at South Brisbane, and the media coverage continues, to the end, to be blatantly biased in favour of him (take a look at this Courier Mail story to see what I mean), even as he says ever more outrageous things. Like, Is the Pope a Catholic? on ABC tv news. Or this, on the ABC website:

"Our story might give hope to all those Catholics you know who've left the church for all sorts of good reasons," he said. "Those who've been excluded on grounds of gender or sexual orientation, or just people who have been oppressed by the doctrines and dogmas and regulations and rules of the Catholic Church."

And here is why traditionalists tend to have a problem with claims that newer things are 'traditional' some sense:

"We are within the Catholic tradition. People are very comfortable with our kind of liturgy and it isn't a priest-centred liturgy," he said. "That's the problem see, the Church still has a very priest-centred liturgy and our liturgy is more like it is run by the people..."

Meanwhile on the Eureka Street website a commenter told the story of one of the South Brisbane priests (purporting to) consecrate a loaf of sliced rye bread (sorry but I can't see that this could possibly be valid matter!)!

One hopes his canonical position (and that of those who follow him into 'exile') will be quickly made clear.

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