Thursday, 23 April 2009

Feast of St George

St George is one of those saints who has rather fallen victim to the distaste for good miracle stories and oral traditions. But there isn't really any good reason to doubt the tradition that he was a solider under Diocletian, martyred for his refusal to offer sacrifice to pagan gods. The dragon story is of rather more questionable provenance however!

His cult took off early in England - St Bede mentions him, as did King Alfred in his will. It was really only after the story of St George and the dragon, where he rescues the princess to be sacrificed to the beast, was bought back from the crusades, that it really took off though. He is patron saint of England amongst many other places, and one of the fourteen holy helpers.

Sure sounds like an appropriate saint to pray for help for English bloggers in their battle with the Pill.

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