Thursday, 30 April 2009

Brisbane continued***updated

Those of you were were entertained or interested in my debate with Alan Austin from Eureka Street over the inevitability or otherwise of the St Mary's affair may be interested in taking a look at and possibly commenting on his latest attack piece over at Online Opinion. Those who are sick of the whole Brisbane affair can just ignore it!

I should warn you though that after I closed off debate when he clearly espoused modernism in its most full on form, he did send me another comment which I didn't publish. I can only describe it as a rant about about how the Church has always been evil and destructive, and it is the duty of writers to expose it! Just why someone holding such views is permitted to write for an official organ of the Jesuits is the interesting question...

***Fr Kennedy: when is amputation warranted?

And on Fr Kennedy, Cath News, drawing on an article in The Catholic Leader reports that he is likely to have his faculties as a priest revoked 'sooner rather than later', but that his excommunication (and presumably laicization) is not imminent because, according to Brisbane's chancellor Fr Farrelly:

"We certainly don't leap to excommunication as a first response, that would be like opting for amputation in the case of a small infection."

As far as it goes that is obviously correct. But is it true in this situation? Archbishop Bathesby indicated months ago that Fr Kennedy and his community were not in communion with the Church. And when he terminated Fr Kennedy's appointment back in January he said:

"...Peter you have already claimed in the media that you may lead people who desire to follow you into a breakaway Christian community elsewhere in South Brisbane. I cannot stop you from doing so. However those who follow you should realise that they will not be in communion with the Roman Catholic Church or the Archdiocese of Brisbane."

He has started a breakaway group in defiance of his Ordinary...