Sunday, 8 March 2009

Upcoming events

I've had quite a few prompts on upcoming events over the last few days, so I thought a list might be in order...please let me know if there are any others!

Traditional Pilgrimage - Wagga Wagga/Tarcutta, April 16-19

Thanks to Quasi-seminarian for the alert on this one.

Daily mass in the Extraordinary Form, daily spiritual talks, blessing of the pilgrims by Bishop Hanna, and concluding mass in the Ordinary Form for Divine Mercy Sunday by Bishop Hanna. Registration required by April 2. For details

First Communions - Canberra

Followed by community picnic on Laetare Sunday (March 22).

Traditional Confirmations - Wangaratta

Confirmations to be performed by Bishop Grech on June 26th at 6:30 pm, together with a Solemn Mass.

Traditional Confirmations - Melbourne

The Sacrament of Confirmation will be conferred by Bishop Elliott, Sunday 12th July this year.

Flavigny monk retreats - book now...

Plumpton (Sydney) December 3-8 and 13-18, click here to register.


(another) Louise said...

I had the information for the pilgrimage sent to me and have had a quick look at the route. It doesn't appear to me to quite so arduous as the Christus Rex pilgimage (though I have no idea what the terrain looks like) whcih may appeal to some. Also, it is withing easy striking distance.
The more Traddie Pilgrimages the better, I say!!

Terra, do you know if this is the first year it has been run?

(another) Louise

WLMS said...

LOL Wangatta!!

Terra said...

From the sound of the flyer I've been emailed, yes. But I haven't seen the route or other details...

Terra said...

Oops, fixed WLMS!