Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Traditionalist picture of the day: the Pope on the contribution of women

On International Women's Day, the Pope made a few comments at the Angelus (translation from PapaRatzinger Forum):

"On today's date, March 8, we are invited to reflect on the condition of women and to renew the commitment that always and anywhere, every woman may be able to live and manifest the fullness of her capacities, obtaining full respect for her dignity.

In this sense, the Second Vatican Council and the papal Magisterium have expressed themselves, particularly the apostolic letter Mulieris dignitatem by the Servant of God John Paul II (Aug. 15, 1988).

More than documents, however, are the testimonies of the saints. Our age has had that of Mother Teresa of Calcutta: a humble daughter of Albania who became, through the grace of God, an example for all the world of the exercise of charity in the service of human promotion. How many other women work every day, unpublicized, for the good of mankind and the Kingdom of God! Today I assure my prayers for all women that they may always be respected in their dignity and valued for their positive potential."

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