Tuesday, 17 March 2009

'Pope resignation a shock'

It is ok, just a lighter note for a moment.

I was on The Australian website, and looking through the top stories listing for the Courier Mail when I froze. This is what I saw:

1. Christ's face 'appears in cushion'
2. Hansen's boyfriend says its her
3. Pope resignation a shock (since shortened to Pope resignation!)

I nearly had a heart attack!

But in fact story number 3 was about the sudden resignation of a Mr Cameron Pope, president of the Queensland Police Union....

Please, Queensland, you give enough trouble as it is, don't do this to us!

And as for the cushion...

Pray for many more years of the real Pope's reign!


Elena said...

Hi, I'm catching up on some of the blogs I haven't visited for a while - just wanted to say you have some amazing posts. I have enjoyed going through most of them.
Anyhow, I hope to be visiting more often.
God Bless,

Elena said...

PS. Viva Il Papa!