Thursday, 12 March 2009

On Linz, the Pope and why Mgr Wager really resigned

Ever since the Linz debacle, Cathcon has been busily tracking down the true story of what was really behind the whole affair, where the nominee for auxiliary bishop, Mgr Wagner, withdrew in the face of concerted opposition based on his conservative (but hardly outrageous) views. Gellibrand has come up with some pretty amazing stuff. Do go over there and read it all - there is the priest who does magic tricks at mass, complete with female assistant. Who blesses gay relationships. One of the weirdest ever ecumenical vespers.

Perhaps the most breathtaking story though - up until now - was the open admission by the priest who had led the change against Mgr Wagner, that he has been living openly with his mistress for the last twenty five years, something his bishop is apparently well aware of.

But now the latest revelation is that there was a dirty tricks campaign, a claim to the effect that he funded an abortion (which given his conservatism has to be one of the more unlikely charges that could have been made!), which was threatened to be revealed to the media just before his consecration. The problem of course with blackmailers of this kind is that agreeing to their terms won't necessarily stop them going ahead anyway if they think they can get away with it, as they seem to have.

Still, it does make the resignation a little more understandable, given how such a claim would have played out in the media in the circumstances.

It will be interesting to see what the Holy Father has to say of relevance to all this in his letter to bishops on the SSPX and related matters, due to be released today...

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Anthony Bidgood said...

The news from Linz continues to get worse, yes it is possible. A further eight priests have now claimed that they have mistresses as well, stating so in order to support the statement by the first priest.
If the 'couples' have children one wonders about their understanding of the Faith.
Father Wagner would have had an enormous task before him had his episcopal appointment occurred. Perhaps Our Lord has other plans for Father Wagner. The whole diocese seems to need our prayers.
I have been reading Cathcon on a daily basis to keep up with the unfolding events there as their implications are far-reaching.

In Christo,
Anthony Bidgood