Monday, 30 March 2009

Condoms in PNG

And one more (I'm going to have to get rid of the news feeds from my computer's homepage!)!

On the day when the Washington Post acknowledges that the Pope is correct about the ineffectiveness of condoms in combating AIDS comes the news that our taxpayer dollars are being used to fund a massive condom distribution campaign in Papua New Guinea.

According to the ABC , "..two per cent of the PNG population is believed to be infected with the virus that causes AIDS. But millions of condoms bought with aid money to stop its spread have expired because the National Aids Council does not have the resources to distribute them."

So, not content with wasting one lot of foreign aid money, and instead adopting evidence-based approaches - they've bought more (courtesy of the Australian taxpayer), and are using the PNG Defence Force to distribute them...

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Aussie Therese said...

2% infected. I wonder how long it will be before 10% are infected because of the belief that it is safer with a condom.