Friday, 20 March 2009

Cardinal Pell in the Catholic Herald

Thanks to New Liturgical Movement for the alert on this one...An interesting interview with the Cardinal on Liberals, the excommunications, reform of the reform, and more in the (UK) Catholic Herald. Here are a few tasters.

On matters liturgical, he talks about the new translations coming soon, and lends his support to ad orientem celebration.

On liberalism:

"...I prefer though to direct my strongest barbs at what I call "ultra-liberalism" or "extreme liberalism"....

Ecclesiologically you might not be very fond at all of the role of the pope or even of the bishops. You might not feel there's much role for a ministerial priesthood. And then, in the area of sexual morality, as John Paul II said at the time of his great moral encyclical, The Splendour of Truth, once upon a time people argued about the rights and wrongs of artificial contraception. Whereas now the whole moral debate about sexuality runs right across the board: life issues, abortion, lifestyle issues of homosexuality, extra-marital affairs. The challenge in sexual morality is very, very broad indeed now."

On the SSPX

"...I think it's certainly a worthy goal to try to reconcile that wing of the Church. But as I've said, and the Vatican has said, if they are to come back they have to accept basically the teaching of Vatican II, especially the teaching that the state can't coerce belief, even if it happens to be a Catholic state (not that that exists anymore).

And they have to accept the condemnation of anti-Semitism.

Interviewer: So you do believe that Vatican II contains certain teachings that all Catholics must sign up to?

Cardinal Pell: Yes. Basically we have to accept the Creeds and there's a hierarchy of truths. But I think it'd be quite incongruous wanting to be formally reconciled with the Church if you explicitly disavow key elements of Vatican II.

Interviewer: As opposed to merely thinking that some of them need more explanation.

Cardinal Pell: Or more development, yes. I mean, you either agree or disagree with the condemnation of anti-Semitism...."

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Heck Terra, thats 3 positive posts in 4 days from Australian Catholic Bishops; we can't be as bad as I thought we were. Thanks for keeping us up with it.