Saturday, 28 March 2009

Benedictine Ordo for week of 28 March - Passiontide

A change of seasons again, as we enter Passiontide from Vespers tonight, and the Office takes on a greater focus on the coming passion and Cross of Our Lord. And that means new hymns for Lauds and Vespers, new chapters, and so forth - do make sure you read carefully through the Ordinary for the Office from page 240* onwards, before you say the hours!

Also, if you are new to the Office, you might also want to start looking ahead at Holy Week and Easter, because it is a little more complex than usual....

Saturday, 28 March - Class III

MD 231*

I Vespers of First Passiontide Sunday MD 232*

Sunday, 29 March - Class I


Monday, 30 March - Class III

MD 246*

Tuesday, 31 March - Class III

MD 247*

Wednesday, 1 April - Class III

MD 248*

Thursday, 2 April - Class III

MD 249*

Friday, 3 April - Class III

MD 250*

Saturday, 4 April - Class III with a commemoration of St Isidore

MD 252*, [107]

First Vespers of Psalm Sunday MD 252*

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