Saturday, 14 March 2009

Almost half way, and some time off: Benedictine Ordo for week of 14 March

As of today, we are 40% of the way through the days of penitence prescribed for Lent, and we reach the half way mark (not discounting for solemnities, as they differ from place to place) on Thursday this coming week.

Solemnities to enjoy...

And the really good news for those of us flagging a little at the thought of another twenty plus days of fasting and abstinence and so forth is that there are no less than three Solemnities this week (and another next week), representing time off for hopefully good behaviour so far! So, depending on your affiliations and location you can potentially lighten up on the fasting and enjoy some meat (or whatever it is you have given up) on:
  • Tuesday, March 17 for St Patrick's Day (assuming you live in Australia or the US, or one of the other places it is a first class feast);
  • Thursday, March 19, Feast of St Joseph (a feast with close associations to Benedictine spirituality, and patronal feast of Flavigny in France); and
  • Saturday, March 21, the big one, the Feast of St Benedict (for oblates etc in any case!).


So here is the complete calendar, references as usual to the Farnborough Monastic Diurnal. Remember that:

  • on Lentan ferias, the collect is proper to each day. The collect set for Lauds is also used from Terce through to Nones on Class III days, then the appropriate collect set for vespers;
  • on first class feasts, you need to make a commemoration of the feria at Lauds and Vespers only, adding the appropriate antiphon (ie for the Benedictus at Lauds, the Magnifcat at Vespers) and collect set for that day.


Saturday, 14 March - Class III

MD 210*; with First Vespers of Third Sunday of Lent

Sunday, 15 March - Third Sunday in Lent, Class I

MD 212*ff

Monday, 16 March - Class III

MD 217*

Tuesday, 17 March - St Patrick, Class I*

*Depending on where you live!

Common of a Confessor Bishop - MD (61); collect MD 22**; commemoration of the feria at Lauds and Vespers, 217*

Wednesday, 18 March - Commemoration of St Cyril of Jerusalem

MD [83]; 218* for the commemoration

First Vespers of St Joseph, MD [84]

Thursday, 19 March - St Joseph, Class I

MD [84], 219* (for the commemoration)

Friday, 20 March - Class III

MD [85]

First Vespers of St Benedict, MD [91]

Saturday, 21 March - St Benedict, Class I (in Benedictine monasteries)

MD [94]ff; 221* (commemoration at Lauds)

Commemoration of the Fourth Sunday of Lent at Vespers, 221*

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expat said...

I am a brand new user of the Monastic Diurnal and I want to say thank you so much for your detailing of the rubrics!

For newbies like myself, it's really a blessing.

Thanks again!