Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Tradie picture of the day: on the front line

Today is Ash Wednesday, and there are unfortunately, an abundance of causes that you could offer some of your Lenten penances for. The situation in Brisbane. The Pope. The reconciliation of the SSPX and TAC. The bushfire victims. The loss of lives through the holocaust of abortion. Vocations. And of course your friends and family.

But in some ways the thing that unites all of these is the call for our land to convert. And for that to happen, we need the efforts of faithful priests.

So I'm interrupting my little run on the colour blue in liturgical use to pay homage again to Fr Tim Finigan of The Hermaneutic of Continuity blog (his profile picture is above).

Now Father Finigan is not in the strictest definition a traditionalist I suspect, but he is certainly attached to the Traditional Latin Mass, and a strong promoter of 'reform of the reform' and a rejection of 'spirit of Vatican IIism'.

And he is certainly very orthodox. Worse still in the minds of some, he is spreading that orthodoxy both through his leadership of his own parish, as an instructor at his diocesan seminary and to the English Carthusian monks, and through participation in an impressive schedule of other activities such as training other priests to say the TLM. And that makes him a prime target...

In the latest extraordinary development, the Tablet forced him to remove the hatchet job article they did on him (for the crime of offering the TLM in his parish), which he had put up on his blog together with responses to their claims, in the name of copyright!

Unbelievable. Well, actually very believable. But in a way its a good thing that ageing liberals haven't really come to terms with the power of the internet as yet, and when they do use it make a hash of it (Fr Kennedy's self-inditing blog South Brisbane parish blog springs to mind) ...

In any case, Fr Finigan's 'legally compliant version' of his response though, is hilarious and well worth a read. And please do say a prayer for him and all good priests in amongst your fasting and abstinence today.


Mac McLernon said...

Wow! Ash Wednesday already? Here it is about lunchtime on Shrove Tuesday!!

gmck9431 said...

A superb summing up! As I've read elsewhere; you represent the furure in the church!