Monday, 23 February 2009

Tradie picture of the day...

Pictures of the day seem to be the in thing on blogs around the place at the moment so I thought I might join the party.

First, of course, there is the Papist Picture of the Day over at American Catholic (this one via REUTERS/Giampiero Sposito (VATICAN)).

There is the vocation piccie over at Roman Catholic Vocations.

And now the 'Not my mass' picture (in honour of Fr Finigan) from In hoc signo (do go over and take a look at the latest if you can bear it, for a guitar twanging number), below is number one in the series.

Now mocking clown masses is all well and good, but good also I think to keep reminding liberals and neo-cons of what just what it is (for reasons that one can only speculate on) they fear and despise.

Not to mention providing some nice eye candy for the rest of us as the signs and sounds of the battle crash around us.

So, I give you, the Tradie piccie of the (occasional) day. And this first one is dedicated to my fellow blogger Hardman Window who can't get enough of the Institute of Christ the King it seems, so I'm sure will enjoy seeing the cartoon version he has just posted in full colour.

The sisters and priests of the Institute are pictured with Monsignor Perl of the Ecclesia Dei Commission on the occasion of their recognition as 'of pontifical right' last year.

And on the Institute, if you've done your novena inspired by the FSSP (or even especially if not!) you might like to consider signing up to the spiritual bouquet for the Pope that they currently have going.

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Al said...

I know how you positioned the 1st 2 pictures wasn't intentional, but, if you would put the picture of the "alledged" Mass to the right of the picture of Papa Benedetto it looks like he is looking with disgust at what they are doing.

& neither you or I would blam,me him.