Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Sacred and Great: the trials and tribulations of a faithful parish priest** updated

Readers of Fr Z will be aware that the Tablet is apparently about to do a number on Fr Tim Finigan of the wonderful Hermaneutic of Continuity blog. Fr Finigan has now come out himself to give some background on the story.

Essentially, some of his parishioners have objected - vehemently - to the fact that amongst the four masses he offers for each Sunday (one is the Saturday vigil), one is a TLM and another a novus ordo ad orientem. The story itself really illustrates the difficult times we live in as tradition is reasserted, and particularly the challenges faced by faithful priests.

But on the positive side, he has published a really wonderful leaflet he has written on the liturgy. It is basically a plea for tolerance of diversity. Fr Finigan himself prefers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass - but he understands that many of his parishioners prefer the new mass in English, which he also provides. What he is particularly concerned about are the misunderstandings about liturgy, what Vatican II actually said, and about the nature and roles of the priest and laity that drive the objectors. It is a truly excellent read.

So please do pray for Fr Finigan and his parish, and other priests and parishes in similar situations.
Yup, it happened. You can read the article with Fr Finigan's response here.
The crime - as advertised, having a TLM as his 10.30am Sunday Mass. Plus, to round out the charges, no extraordinary ministers at novus ordo masses, having communion rails and encouraging reception kneeling, having suitable vestments and clerical garb, having musical taste, suggesting that people save the chatter for outside the Church, and so forth. Just goes to show the liberals really do understand the importance of liturgy and sense of the sacred - which is why they war against it...

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