Sunday, 22 February 2009

Brisbane: bomb and violence threats prolong the agony

This was to be the weekend when a new administrator, Fr Howell, officially took over St Mary's, Brisbane following the termination of Fr Kennedy's appointment last week. Instead the church was packed last night for a concert (picture above from the Courier Mail) in support of Fr Kennedy, who intends to offer all of the masses this weekend.

Why? Because on Friday the Archbishop received a bomb threat saying that he would be "picked up in pieces". And even before that the police advised Fr Howell to cancel out on the basis that he and people attending mass could be at risk as 'feelings were running high'.

A truly lovely demonstration of the true colours of this allegedly socially concerned congregation.

The Archbishop now plans to appoint a mediator. Well yes, I guess this is a hostage situation. Unsurprisingly though Fr Kennedy doesn't seem too interested in this idea.

So how long will this scandal continue, and when does the SWAT team get sent in?

WYD star defects

And while we are on bad news stories for the Australian church, the SMH is reporting that the young woman who played Mary in WYD's Stations of the Cross has defected to Hillsong, seeking 'to learn more about the Bible' and a 'deeper relationship with God'.

You might recall that the WYD Stations of the Cross were heavily protestanized, with all of the traditional non-Scriptural stations removed in the interests of ecumenism and interreligious sensibilities. Is it too long a bow...

In any case, please do pray for Ms Dickson's repentance and reconciliation.

And don't forget amidst our day of mourning that today is the Feast of the Chair of St Peter, a particularly important day to pray for the Pope.


Sharon said...

I know hindsight is always 20/20 but if only Abp Bathersby had acted years ago to curb Peter Kennedy instead of giving Kennedy permission to carry on as usual the matter would not have come to this sorry pass.
This from Peter Kennedy's blog:

Over the years I have often expressed gratitude to the Archbishop for letting us be. He has said we have a right to exist as a liberal wing of the church.

Peter said...

O how true I suspect this is.

We are seeing the fruits of a weak shepherd.

What a debacle. Satan must be laughing with delight.

Now I suppose it will come down to who owns the bricks and mortar.


Vir Speluncae Catholicus said...

Concerning the 8 Stations... Amazingly enough, as I was punching up a post on this very same topic, I ran across your post.

Great minds?

Bernadette said...

Agony is the right word. It is very painful. Our Mother's remedy of prayer and pennance is required in bucket loads!
We are enering the Lenten period perhaps we can all make this situation the focus of our Lenten prayer?